OVHcloud Connect

The shortest route between your data center and OVH

How does it work?

With OVHcloud Connect, you can create an isolated, secure connection between your business network and your private network with OVH (local and international OVH datacentres).


You are present one of the PoP listed below. You can subscribe to an interconnection service with the provider of your choice, who will then proceed to physically connect your infrastructure.

Then you order the OVHcloud Connect solution. The rest of the procedure is automated via the OVH Control Panel.


If you are present in one of the PoPs (points of presence) listed below, you can sign up to the OVHcloud Connect solution.

OVH then sends you the details so that you can request the setup of a direct "cross-connection" with the datacenter you chose, between your equipment and OVH's.

Choose your OVHcloud Connect solution


Shared connection (with other clients of the partner)
You can reuse your connection with other cloud providers(depending on the partners)
Redundancy possible with several OVHcloud Connect solutions and the use of BGP protocol
A single VLAN (UNTAG)
No SLA guaranteed
No setup fees


Dedicated fibre connection with OVH (paid for by the client)
No risks of "noisy neighbors"
Security and confidentiality guaranteed
Redundancy possible with several OVHcloud Connect solutions and the use of BGP protocol
No SLA guaranteed

Key advantages


Get a private, secure connection with the OVH cloud. The private network for OVHcloud Connect is built on an architecture made up of next-generation network components.

Performance plans

With OVHcloud Connect, you can get guaranteed performance delivered by OVH and our partners.

Costs kept under control

Pricing is displayed online with no hidden costs and billing is on a pay-per-use basis. There are no surprises at the end of the month.

List of our points of presence (PoP)


Country City PoPs Easy Dedicated
Australia Sydney Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Canada Montreal Cologix Soon Soon
Toronto Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
France Paris Paris Telehouse 2 (TH2) - Available
Paris Paris Equinix PA3 - Available
Paris Globalswitch Paris (GSW) - Available
Paris Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Germany Frankfurt Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Frankfurt Francfort Equinix FR5 - Available
Italy Milan KPNQwest - Soon
Netherlands Amsterdam Globalswitch - Soon
Poland Warsaw Lim - Soon
Warsaw Thinx - Soon
Warsaw Equinix WA2 - Available
Singapore Singapore Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Spain Madrid Interxion MAD2 - Available
United Kingdom London Telehouse West - Available
United States(East Coast) Ashburn Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Chicago Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Dallas Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Miami Terremark - Soon
Newark Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
New-York Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
United States(West Coast) Los Angeles Coresite - Soon
San Jose Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Palo Alto Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -
Seattle Equinix Cloud Exchange Soon -


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