Pricing for Windows licences

CPU Cores Total number of cores Windows Server 2016/2019 - Standard Edition Windows Server 2016/2019 - Datacenter Edition
1 8c max up to 8 $21.00/month $137.00/month
2 2 x 8c 16 $42.00/month $273.00/month
2 2 x 10c 20 $53.00/month $342.00/month
2 2 x 12c 24 $63.00/month $410.00/month
2 2 x 14c 28 $74.00/month $478.00/month
2 2 x 16c 32 $84.00/month $546.00/month
2 2 x 18c 36 $95.00/month $615.00/month
2 2 x 20c 40 $105.00/month $683.00/month
2 2 x 22c 44 $116.00/month $751.00/month

New Windows license pricing

Prices according to number of processors

Mono-processor Servers Bi-processor Servers
Windows Server 2012 $25.00/month $50/month
$179.00/month $358/month
Windows Server 2012 R2 $25.00/month $50/month
$179.00/month $358/month
Windows 2008 R2 $20.00/month $50/month
$25.00/month $50/month
$179.00/month $358/month
$179.00/month $358/month

Pricing on Dedicated Cloud

Number of Windows Standard VMs per Host Enterprise Host M
Infrastructure Host M
Infrastructure Host L/L+
Host 2013 S
Host 2013 M
Enterprise Host L/L+
Enterprise Host XL/XL+
Infrastructure Host XL/XL+
Host 2013 L/L+
Host 2013 L2/L2+
Host 2013 XL/XL+
1 Windows Standard VM $28.00/month
2 Windows Standard VMs $56.00/month
3 Windows Standard VMs $84.00/month
More than 3 Windows Standard VMs or more than 1 VM Windows Datacenter $182.00/month

In order to use our Windows and/or SQL Server licences, you must reinstall your server with the template corresponding to your licence. Moreover, you need to order a Windows licence before you can take advantage of SQL Server's features.
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